Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Insurance - New Doctor

Well, I've had insurance through my new employer since the beginning of the year. I have waited this long to make a doctor appointment because I have been with this network for over 15 years and I'm scared of the switch. I'm apprehensive to say the least.

While I haven't had the greatest of treatment at the hospitals, I have built a relationship and trusted these doctors for over the past decade and I'm nervous about meeting new doctors. I will have to explain my health background as well as the loss of Ana which I'm sure will make me cry. The way this new doctor handles the initial appointment will either tell me that she is compassionate and willing to listen/learn/treat me with sensitivity or she will be like some of the other doctors I've seen and will be cold, blunt and want to rush me out of the office. I'm hoping for the first of the two situations.

I've been waiting this long because I've been on the edge on the next steps in my journey. I have to lose weight again and I need a plan. I need to have a plan for my PCOS and for fertility if it should take longer than expected. I want to be able to feel like there is hope in having another child down the road and not like I've had my only shot at motherhood and I blew it.

I'm nervous that she might say she can't even help me and that she will have to refer me to a specialist and I will have to, yet again, explain my situation to another doctor. I hope I chose the right doctor! August 1st we will find out!