Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Registry Surprise!

It was wonderful to log onto Ana's Angels after a long weekend to see a message from one of the moms who had their registry on Amazon. Here's the message I received:

  • Dearest Melissa Hamilton,

    Thanks so much for the pack of side-snaps you sent for my daughter, Ayla Rose Molina. Your random act of kindness was such a surprise and much appreciated. I love what you're doing in memory of your dear Annabelle and will be sure to pay it forward.

    May your angel continue to watch over you and your generous heart.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ana's Angels Feedback

I just wanted to update my readers on some of the feedback I've received since starting Ana's Angels. I received two very nice letters in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share them here. Thank you all for being so kind to me!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stages of Grief

I would like to post this for my friends and followers... and for those that support them. Please note that this is only a guide. There is not "timeline" for grief or healing. These stages can also come in different or repeating orders. But I think it's been helpful for me to see it in a picture. And yes, I feel those loops accurately show the ups and downs that we face in our grief.

MY stages of grief (at 1.5 years out):
1. Anger
2. Shock and Denial
3. Depression and Detachment
4. Anger
5. Dialogue and Bargaining/Acceptance

Right now I would consider myself in between the dialogue and bargaining and acceptance. I think I still lead a meaningful life, I just struggle with accepting her loss. It will never be acceptable, but I do need to start thinking about a new plan.... thinking about what's next if I do have another child.