Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stages of Grief

I would like to post this for my friends and followers... and for those that support them. Please note that this is only a guide. There is not "timeline" for grief or healing. These stages can also come in different or repeating orders. But I think it's been helpful for me to see it in a picture. And yes, I feel those loops accurately show the ups and downs that we face in our grief.

MY stages of grief (at 1.5 years out):
1. Anger
2. Shock and Denial
3. Depression and Detachment
4. Anger
5. Dialogue and Bargaining/Acceptance

Right now I would consider myself in between the dialogue and bargaining and acceptance. I think I still lead a meaningful life, I just struggle with accepting her loss. It will never be acceptable, but I do need to start thinking about a new plan.... thinking about what's next if I do have another child.

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  1. I think sometimes I go through all those stages in one day.