Monday, April 28, 2014

Ana's Angels Random Acts of Kindness Day 28

DAY 28

Today was an unplanned act of kindness. I don't know these people but I know how it feels to have a pet run off. Tonight I was visiting a friend when all of the sudden we watched a neighbor's dog slip off her leash and start running down the street. I'm quite familiar with a dog (or two) that would run every time they got a chance and I couldn't help but start looking for Sonya. I spent an hour and a half this evening helping the neighbor look for her dog. Unfortunately, she still has not been found. She is a medium size dog with a patch over her eye. She is a possible Dalmatian/Lab mix. She is a puppy and she likes to run. She is micro-chipped but needed to be caught first. She was last seen in the Riverside Park/Bergstrom Mahler Museum area. Seen as far as Neenah Pool. Please, if anyone sees this dog please let me know. Thank you!

Photo Courtesy of Dog Vacay

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