Friday, December 14, 2012

What is wrong with this world?!?!

I just CANNOT believe what is going on around the world. I read in the news today that a man in China slashed 22 children at an elementary school in the Henan providence, AND a 20 year old man went shot and killed 27 people in an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut. This follows just days after a mall shooting in Portland, Oregon.

Why in the world would a man go into a school and cut up children with a knife? What brings someone to this foolish act? Not only that but 10 days before Christmas? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM?? Were there signs?

I am not only disgusted but also outraged at the fact that these men feel they have the right to injure or to take someone else's life. The most scared thing to a mother and father is a child. For these people to walk into a school and do something such heinous things to these children is absolutely repulsive. I don't know what goes wrong in these people's heads to do something like this.

I lost my daughter but I couldn't imagine having someone else take the life of my child. I feel so much hurt and sadness for these families. My heart breaks for each and every person affected by these tragedies and I pray that the Lord is with them during this time. This really makes me sick to my stomach and my heart goes out to all of these families across the world.

We all think this could never happen in our neighborhood, our schools, to our children. Sometimes we take for granted our safety, our lives, and our children. Hug your spouses (significant others) and children. Give them extra kisses. Tell them you love them. Don't just do this today, do this every day. You never know what tomorrow might bring...

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