Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Capture Your Grief Day 1 - Sunrise

Today is a cold and rainy day in Wisconsin. I woke up early to make sure I was ready for work in time to take these pictures. The sunrise was said to rise at 6:51am so I left my house early to find a place to take my picture despite the rain and clouds.

I decided on going to the water just west of my house. The rain had stopped but it is still cloudy and I don't see the sun showing any time soon. So here are my pictures from today.

Sunrise in Wisconsin 
October 1, 2014

This accurately shows the drastic change we are starting to experience with the change of summer into fall. There are more cold, wet, rainy days to come. The leaves are changing, but you can't tell by this picture. I have a love and hate relationship with the fall and especially the month of October since losing Ana. I'm hoping that the next picture I took shows a glimpse of how beautiful and colorful it will be.

Yes, I lost my daughter in the fall. In October. I know she wouldn't want me upset. I'm still participating in Ana's Angels Random Acts of Kindness and I'm doing my first one tonight. 

Stay tuned!

Here's to a bright fall for all of us!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. They capture both the sadness of loss, and the beauty and life that still exists around us as we continue on with our journey. I'm also participating in Carly Marie's healing project. Plan to complete my blog post tonight. And kudos to you for the random acts of kindness for Ana. I plan on doing something similar for Preston's birthday on 11/19. I think of you often, and hope you are doing well. <3