Friday, October 3, 2014

Capture Your Grief Day 3 - Before


Who were you before your loss? I was in my final semester in college. I was working towards a career in Human Resources. I was losing weight with the intention of hopefully becoming pregnant one day (soon).
Taken shortly before I conceived Ana. Confident, happy with my weight goals.

I would have never thought that once I became pregnant that I wouldn't be able to take my baby home. I had heard of a friend shortly before my loss who lost her daughter. Not once during my pregnancy did I think it could happen to me.

I was confident. I knew what I wanted. I knew how to get it. I worked hard for it. I studied, took 21+ credits a semester. I was active and healthy (should I say healthier).

Not everything was perfect, but once I found out I was pregnant ...

it was truly perfect.

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