Monday, October 13, 2014

Capture Your Grief Day 10 - Support

Day 10

My support... I can't even begin to name the women that I have become so close with after losing Ana. 99.9% of my support comes from women (and a few men) who have also lost a child like I did. The baby loss community grieves quietly but we are noticing that we do have a voice. It might quiver and pause, but we do have a voice and a story to tell and I am forever grateful to the women who have shared their angel's story with me.

My support is you. Each and every one that is reading this. My support is those who understand what it feels like to walk into a store and see a child that would be (should be) your angel's age or a cute outfit just knowing you never got to dress your child. My support is those who understand what it feels like to cry yourself to sleep at night with empty arms wishing with everything that you could go back in time and change everything. My support is those who understand that I cannot be 100% in the month of October, especially the week surrounding October 21. My support is those who understand why I talk about my child and put her name out there like she is still alive.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for letting me say her name out loud and letting her live through me.

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  1. Melissa...your blogs are always so well written and represent so many of us.