Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Capture Your Grief Day 7 - Sacred Place

Day 7

While I know my daughter is with my anywhere I go, I feel especially connected to her at her grave. She was buried next to my grandfather the same year he passed away. Today I went to visit her and I brought her some balloons.

Within the first two minutes of me arriving one of her balloons popped. I giggled to myself thinking that if she were here, she'd probably be popping balloons too. 

On the way out of the cemetery I snapped this picture. I feel like it shows the beauty the cemetery holds. Some people find them creepy, I find them quiet and peaceful. I love visiting my angel every chance I get.

When I pulled out of the cemetery drive there was a loud "snap" I pulled over because it smelled like fireworks. Turns out there was an "adult snapper" firework and it just HAPPENED to go off when I left. Whether it be coincidence or a sign from my angel, I'll take it.

Do you get signs from your angel?

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