Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First "real" AF

Well, here it is. Just 2 days after the 3 month anniversary of my loss is what I will consider my first real period (AF). After the sonohysterogram I bled for so long I didn't know if I was having my period or if it was complications of bleeding from the procedure. According to my tracker on Fertility Friend (FF) I had a 64 day cycle, and almost 24 straight days of bleeding. This does not include my post-partum bleeding. So, as you can say, I'm sick of seeing red.

However, I some-what welcome AF as I know that my body is working properly. For a long time, I didn't get my period and therefore was unable to conceive. I now hope that after all of this my body will get back on track and (hopefully) soon I will see a rainbow :) I started tracking on FF to hopefully narrow down my ovulation. Wish me luck and baby dust!

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