Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ana's Angels Random Acts of Kindness Day 22

DAY 22

I'm sure you're all wondering what happened to day 19-21. To be honest, I hit a bit of a depression with a side kick of a tooth ache and fell off the train for the past couple of days. I feel terrible about it. It hit me that yesterday (April 21) it has been a year and a half since I lost her. This breaks my heart to say it. There's days that it hurts so bad I don't know how I can go on. There are days that I feel great and hope she's smiling down on me. Today is another day in which I hope she's smiling down on me.

I went to the local Dairy Queen in downtown Neenah this evening. I've been trying to diet, but as you can see by my trip to DQ that, well, it's not going so well today. I felt something in the back of my head that was just telling me that I should pay for the order of the vehicle behind me. I paid for my order and asked the nice cashier if I could pay for the order behind me and if she would give her one of Ana's cards. She allowed me to and as I pulled forward and up to the street I watched as the lady behind me went to pay for her treat. She reached out to hand the cashier money and the cashier handed her Ana's card. Her look was a look that I will not forget. The shock on her face made my day. In the brief time I was stopped at the exit to the street, I saw her take the card and glance forward at my car. I just smiled. I hope that Ana touches her in a very kind and special way today.

The car behind me at DQ Neenah, WI
This photo courtesy of Neenah Dairy Queen Facebook

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