Friday, April 25, 2014

Ana's Angels Random Acts of Kindness Day 25

DAY 25

A little background: The last time we went to Olive Garden in Appleton we had terrible service. We waited for about a half hour for our server to bring us boxes and the check, then even longer to bring us back the cashed check. She asked my friend "do you need change?" I gave the manager feedback only because I feel we spent more time waiting then we did eating.

Today we went to Olive Garden in Appleton and our server was Curtis. This gentleman was one of the best servers I've had. He brought us our appetizers and food quickly and he had it timed perfectly. He was friendly and personable talking about his child turning two and being at the age that just wants to move and explore. He brought us refills on our drinks without being asked and answered every question we had with a smile. 

It's servers like Curtis who make me want to give something to them like they have given something to me. Between my friend and I our bill came to $41.92. I had a $30.00 gift card so our bill only came to $11.92. My friend tipped the 20% (off the original bill - of course) and I decided that this gentleman deserved a little extra for the great service he put forth tonight. Thank you, Curtis, for restoring my faith in Olive Garden!

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  1. everyone loves tips! i clean hotel rooms and when i get a tip it puts a nice little smile on my face!