Friday, April 4, 2014

Ana's Angels Random Acts of Kindness DAY 4


Today I will be going to dinner and leaving my waiter or waitress a generous tip. I'm not sure how much this will be because I do not know where I am going to dinner. I was hoping to find a pregnant lady or one who just looks super stressed out. Doesn't even need to be my waitperson! The wait staff do not get paid enough and sometimes they rely on their tips. I will update with a picture later.... STAY TUNED!


I went to dinner with my parents this evening and I my parents pick what restaurant we went to. Their first suggestion was TGI Friday's. I'm not a huge fan of the food, but I said that's fine as ultimately I was out to give a nice tip to a waiter or waitress who deserved it. When we got there we were told there would be a 25 minute wait. In reality, that wasn't that bad of a wait time, but my mother is diabetic and when she needs to eat, she needs to eat. So we decided to go to Solea's Mexican Restaurant in Appleton, WI. 

We got there and we were immediately seated. There was only one or two empty tables in the main lounge and what looked like two waitresses. Our waitress, Paige, did a great job tonight and while talking to her I learned that she is a 27 year old mom with a young daughter and is paying her way through college. I felt like she deserved every bit of this tip and I was happy to give it to her. When she saw it she immediately tried giving it back but I told her that I was SET in doing this. For Ana... and for you Paige. Thank you for all you do.

UPDATED April 5, 2014

From the waitress, Paige J. - "Thank you so much for giving me the gift that you is so appreciate and I know your little angel is smiling everyday with pride for her mother. Thank you again."


Thank you Stephanie H - "I donated to autism speaks and tipped at an fast food restaurant."


  1. I agree on this I'm a housekeeper and i rely on my tips sometimes....

  2. Paige is an awesome person and my favorite waitress there ! Def deserving of this!

  3. I agree Tiffany, they often are overworked and under-paid.

    @Leah, she was amazing! I wish her all the best!