Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day #23 - Tattoos and Jewelry

I have not gotten Ana’s remembrance tattoo yet. I want it to be perfect. I want to make sure that it represents her and will forever remind me (Not like I could ever forget) of my angel. I want to have something that people will ask about... something intriguing that catches the eye. When I'm ready, I will get it for her.

I have received several different pieces of jewelry that mean the world to me. Pictured first is the engraved necklace I received from my friends on Facebook's One Stop Mom Spot page. The second picture is a picture of the necklace of a heart with angel wings from my family. The third thing I got was a teardrop necklace from my mother’s co-workers. The last picture is the picture of Ana's ring (a mother's ring). I have her birthstone, my birthstone and then her father’s birthstone in it. I hold each one of these items close to my heart.

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