Monday, March 17, 2014

Day #14 - Family

I will start out by saying this: I have a large, loving, supportive family that has done the best to cope with my loss (and theirs). I know it's hard for them to speak Ana's name because they have never lost a child and don't know how to support me. I've had some rough times with them... probably each and every one of them... but they really REALLY try to be there for me. I'm grateful for a family like I have.
Only a portion of my loving, supportive family.
Ana's father has two brothers and his parents are both alive. Besides his two brothers, he also has a large extended family. When I lost Ana I didn't know how they would take it since they didn't even know I was pregnant yet. Both of his parents attended the funeral which made me very grateful for their support. However, they have not spoken of Ana since... until this last weekend. I was caught off guard when his mom brought up Ana. It made me smile :)

Ana has a half brother named Julian. He will be turning 4 at the end of this month. He is the closest thing to Ana that I have. While he's not biologically my son, I love him like he is my child. He knows about Ana and has visited her at the grave, but he doesn't quite understand what happened because of his age. I don't want to burden him with something so hard. He just knows his sister is not here and we will see her again some day.

Through all of this, I've found out that blood does not make a family. I've grown a very large, supportive family throughout my loss that I would never have met with different circumstances. My family has grown to be worldwide. Some share the same heartache I do. Some have been there to support me in my darkest of days knowing that I am not alone and that they would call, Facebook, text, Skype, etc at the drop of a hat if I needed them. I am so thankful that Ana has led me to these wonderful people. There are too many to name, but reading this, you know who you are. Our angels will forever dance together in the sky :)
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