Friday, March 28, 2014

Day #21 - Honor

There are several ways that I am honoring Ana. Most recently I've started Ana's Angels. This is a project where a group of people go out into their communities in the months of April and October to do random acts of kindness in Ana's name. While doing so they are given cards to give out to spread the word of kindness and break the silence surrounding stillbirth.

Last year I participated in the March for Babies through the March of Dimes. However, this year I have registered for doula training through the stillbirthday website.

To sponsor me, please click here and fill out the form to sponsor a student and put my full name Melissa Hamilton. My intro is here:

My name is Melissa H and I am a mother of a beautiful angel born too soon. My only child, Anabelle Luz Molina was born on her father’s birthday (10-21-2012) at 16 weeks after I went into pre-term labor. While I thought I was cramping I was actually having contractions. This was missed for 3 days by two different doctors (an OB and ER doc). They sent me home from the ER with my contractions without running any tests. By The morning of the 4th day it was too late. I went to the ER but had to deliver my child with only a nurse because I wasn’t far enough along to go to L&D. After she was born I was told by the nurse that my daughter was a boy. I didn’t know until two days later that she was the daughter I had always wanted. These doctors think I lost her due to an infection. The backbone of this… I was never told about what to expect while pregnant or any possible risks during pregnancy. I didn’t know what a contraction felt like… or what losing a mucus plug was. Or anything about giving birth. I want to provide the knowledge, love, encouragement, and empathy for birth and bereavement in my community which I did not receive. Please help me in doing so by sponsoring my Stillbirthday Doula and Bereavement training. {since 03.08.14}

This is how I will honor my daughter. By giving back to the community near and far. In addition to my stillbirth experience I feel this training will help me better support the community around me.

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