Friday, March 7, 2014

Day #4 - Legacy

A month after I lost Ana I joined a group on Facebook called Stillborn and Sleeping Babies Support Group. Shortly after I joined I was promoted to site administrator. I have, in turn, reached out to hundreds of people who have been affected by pregnancy and/or infant loss (PAIL). 

I’m an advocate for PAIL awareness and speak out for those who can’t. I reach out to mother’s who have experienced a loss like mine and try to provide advice and resources for a grieving heart. I would have never thought about the PAIL community had it not been for Ana. I started a grief blog and I have had many, many people thank me for being so open and honest about my feelings during such a raw time. If I have helped ONE mother through their grief, her legacy will live on.

In addition, I have started what I call Ana's Angels. This is a group of individuals that will help me in keeping Ana's legacy alive by giving to others through Random Acts of Kindness in Ana's name. I've made small business cards to distribute to friends and family to attach to whatever they give/share/help/donate in Ana's name to bring about talk about PAIL awareness.

In the month's of April and October I have challenged my grief by working with Ana's Angels. April because that's the month she was due and October because it's the month I lost her, but it's also PAIL awareness month. I hope you, my readers, will take part in this with me. I will post each of my Random Acts of Kindness on my blog for you to read. Please share your Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Ana here.

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