Saturday, November 10, 2012

My questions... no answers

So as time goes on I've not only had time to talk to friends and family about what has happened, but also my OB. When I saw my OB the first Monday after I gave birth to Ana, she asked me questions like, "did they do an ultrasound?" and "did they check your cervix?" Both of the answers are no.

When I went in on Saturday, they checked for her heartbeat with the fetal tone monitor and we were able to hear her. Her heart was beating. But when I told them I could count the time between "cramps" they never checked to see if I was having contractions. They never did an ultrasound to see if something was happening with the baby. They never even called an OB doctor down to talk to me.

On Sunday, when I was bleeding so much, why didn't they call an OB doctor down right away if the ER doctor couldn't attend to me. Why did they wait until after I gave birth to even make contact with the on-call OB doctor? After losing my baby and losing so much blood, why was I released from the hospital/ER?

How could they not tell that I was in labor on Saturday? If I truly was in labor and there was "nothing they could do about it?" Why did they release me in the condition I was in? Why didn't they check things?

When I asked the hospital for answers they tell me they will "check on things from a quality standpoint" but they would not release any results of this to me. They told me if I had questions I would have to file a claim with the liability company's of each ER doctor. I had just lost my baby and my anger has only grown with the hospital after the birth of Ana. This was the second time at this hospital that I've had something "go wrong". The first time was complications from a gallbladder surgery in 2010.

Aren't there ways to stop contractions once they've started? Isn't there a way to tell if a person is even having contractions? I am a first time mom and these questions are all so overwhelming for me to think about. I've heard of medications that have prolonged pregnancy terms but... how long do they work? Would this have been something that I could have had treatment for?

They claim I had some type of infection that didn't show up in my blood work or in other form until after I gave birth to Ana. So what was this infection? And why did they treat me for a UTI infection on Friday if the culture results came back on Monday saying I didn't even have one?

Why was I released on Sunday after I had lost so much blood? I fainted, I couldn't even walk out of the hospital. I just have so many questions in my head that I'm at this point feeling like I will never get the answers to.

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