Sunday, November 11, 2012

To the Mother of My Child's Brother...

I do not know how you accessed my personal Facebook page, since you are not a friend of mine and my page is private. I do not have my Facebook public for many reasons. One of these reasons includes the fact that those people who are not allowed access to my page are simply not wanted in my business or in my life.

1.   I do not appreciate the fact that you took it upon yourself to either hack into my account or hack into an account belonging to one of my friends then start drama in Ana's father's life.

2.   Ana's father originally left me for you. He should have known better when you were still living with your boyfriend when you guys started seeing each other. What did you do? You got pregnant, had a baby, and could have had a great life with the father of your child.

3.   YOU left him. YOU chose to date another man and move on with your life. I am not responsible for your actions and your current life situation.

4.   It is no longer your business who Ana's father is seeing. Whether it be me or any other woman.

5.   I am the mother of your child's sister. Nothing will ever change this.

Finally, I do not appreciate you adding unnecessary drama in either my life or Ana's father. After what both of us have been through after losing Ana, you have some damn nerve going though our life like it's YOUR business!

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