Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saline Infused Sonohysterogram (SIS) and results

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my Saline Infused Sonohysterogram. For this procedure I was given a medication 7 days in advance to relax/soften/open my cervix. The medication they gave me is called cytotec the generic version is called misoprostol. She prescribed 100mcg tablets twice a day orally. I started this medication last week on the third day of my period cycle. When taking the medication I noticed that the bleeding became heavier after taking the pills for a few days. There was cramping and I almost constantly had an upset stomach. Because of this I noticed myself eating more to try calming my stomach from the upset feeling.

I was really nervous about the procedure itself. While it's not like they were going to cut me open... I was afraid they would find a problem that would end in cutting me open to fix it. I got to the doctor yesterday just before 1:45 and the ultrasound (US) tech had me empty my bladder. She had me change from the waste down and then started a vaginal US. Within minutes the doctor performing the procedure was in the room to watch the images on the screen. The US tech first got a look at my empty uterus and both of my ovaries. When she was pushing to find my right ovary it was really tender and I actually told her to stop. They suspect I ovulated from my right side this month because of how tender it was.

Once those pictures were taken they used a speculum to insert a catheter through my cervix and into my uterus. Once it was in place she then took the speculum out and inserted the probe again. She filled my uterus up with a balloon of saline water to show the lining of my uterus. During this time she explained that I had a large blood clot in my uterus, but it was not attached to the lining. She made this sound like it was better than having it stuck to the lining. The doctor also told me that there were no signs of polyps or fibriods nor signs of an abnormal (septate) uterus problem.

Finding out that my uterus was not the cause of losing Ana brought a sigh of relief. I was so worried that they would find something that would require surgery and I would have to postpone trying to conceive again. I was worried I would have to go through more physical pain after all of this I was relieved that they didn't find anything they were concerned about.

The most painful part of the whole procedure was when she took the catheter out and had me sit up. My stomach immediately started cramping and I had a sensation similar to when my water broke. It was quite painful and I wasn't expecting it since the procedure itself wasn't too bad. After talking to my regular doctor I stood up to find blood all over the table, chair, and floor. It wasn't as much as when I gave birth to Ana, but certainly brought back some "flashbacks" and I started crying.

Both of the doctors gave me the green light to try to conceive again. They said they have a plan in place for if/when I get pregnant again. Right now, since I have polycystic ovaries, they want me to start on Metformin again on a lesser dose than times in the past which I didn't feel well on. They want me to start on 500mgs and when/if possible to try to get up to 1500mg but only go as far as my body will tolerate. They want me to continue taking my prenatal vitamins because of the loss of blood and the benefits it will give me when I do become pregnant. They said as soon as I know I'm pregnant she wants me in for blood work and they will follow me closely throughout the whole pregnancy. She will also start me on baby aspirin "just in case" to prevent  any possible blood clots. Finally, she will refer me to what they say is one of the best perinatologists in the state.

So basically, they will see me pretty much every week to every other week during my next pregnancy this time to make sure doesn't happen again. Comforting??? .... only slightly.

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