Saturday, November 10, 2012

The afterbirth complications

As soon as I left the ER I started getting chills. I was so cold I was fully dressed with socks, shoes, and three blankets on me and I couldn't feel my toes. When I took the pain medication I warmed up for an hour or so, but then slowly started getting cold again. I had a follow up appointment with my OB the following morning and did my best to hold on until that morning.

When I went to see my doctor Monday morning she was shocked at what had happened. She took my temperature and drew some blood. She said I had a temperature of over 101 degrees and my blood count was dropping. I felt very sick, like I did after my gallbladder surgery (long story). She told me she consulted with another doctor and they would not let me go home, that I had to be admitted to the hospital.

Because of the trauma of my experience in the ER at Theda Clark, my doctor admitted me to Appleton Medical Center. She put it orders and sent me down to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital around 2pm my fever was 102.6 and the chills wouldn't subside. Because of an error, the hospital had problems reading my chart and could not access orders and I sat at the hospital with no medical care for over two hours. I had to call the nurses myself and have them call the hospital with the orders so I could get the care I so desperately needed.

Tuesday evening, after more blood tests and 24 hours of antibiotics, they determined I needed a blood transfusion because I lost over half of my blood. This was also the time the doctor came in with the results of the autopsy stating I did not have a baby boy, I had a baby girl. Again, I was practically hysterical as all of the arrangements we have made up to this point were made for a baby boy. The obituary, the flowers, the announcements made to family. I was again, traumatized.

I made a deal with the doctor that if I undergo the blood transfusion that they let me go whenever it was finished (late-evening, early-morning) so that I could continue making the necessary arrangements for by baby girls funeral. I was released about 10:30 pm Tuesday night.

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